Donate via a text message

To donate £10 send the text message ADGJ22 £10 to the number 70070
To donate £5 send the message ADGJ22 £5 to 70070

How much does it cost?

To send £10 via text will cost you £10. There is no cost for sending the text message. The charity receives £10. There are no extra charges. All the charges are being paid for by the Vodafone foundation. The money you text comes from your mobile top-up (if pay as you go) or from your monthly mobile phone bill. After you send the money, you will receive a thankyou text message from Osiligi and an invitation to gift aid the donation. By using gift aid, the charity receives an additional 25% with no extra cost to you. So you send £10 and the charity receives £12.50. More information on the vodafone site here.

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