Our Donors

Donors to the charity come from all walks of life. Some are passionate about clean water, some about education and some about health, but all share a common  interest in helping people less fortunate than themselves. We have profiled a few so that people can read about the rich variety of lives the donors lead. For anonymity, some of the names have been changed.

David supported the charity with clean water and agriculture. His life was changed by a growing awareness of the inequality in our world so he wanted to do something to balance this inequality. Read more about his interesting life here.

Rebecca’s income is tiny. Her 19 hours of paid work per week is just sufficient to maintain her and her son. However she is concerned how some people in this world have no access to clean water but is also concerned that some charities have many high paid employees. Rebecca has set up a £2 per month standing order with Osiligi because she knows that every penny will go to the projects in Kenya.

Harry’s life was sadly cut short in March 2014. After his studies, he always wanted to do some volunteer work with the Maasai. Following his death, his family kindly used the money collected to help support the projects by the Charity. You can read about this support here.

Peter sponsors a child at the Osiligi Obaya school. His education has brought Peter many benefits throughout his life so he feels passionate that all children should have that opportunity. ” I  sponsor a child with Osiligi as I like the idea that the children are taught using the best teachers and facilities. I also look forwards to the many updates about the children.”

 Bournemouth North Rotary Club have supported many projects at the charity. Their motto, ‘service above self’ has been excelled by supplying the money for the building of the health clinic as well as providing classroom furniture, food for the families and sponsoring a child.



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