The school layout, with the new building funded by last years' challenges on the front left.

Education for the very poor.

Education is the most important weapon which you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela.

In the area we work, the Maasai and other tribes are desperate for a good education but the local schools are very poor. Although primary education in Kenya is compulsory, it is not free. Even state schools have many extra charges that are beyond the very poor Maasai. This results in many children never attending school. We have built this school in rural Olepolos to:

  • Provide an education to children who would not otherwise go to school.
  • Provide an excellent Primary education as a stepping stone to Secondary and Tertiary education in the hope that many qualified professionals will return to help their area.
Children enjoying lessons
Children enjoying lessons

All the 250 children who attend the school have UK sponsors. See here for the sponsorship scheme. Each year, we add one more class of 25 children, so once finished, the school will give an excellent education to around 300 children.

This school is unusual in that it has fully qualified excellent teachers (we had to build teachers’ houses to attract them), electricity, water, a kitchen,  books, 50 computers, broadband internet and many teaching aids. All items we take for granted in the West but sadly lacking in most Kenyan schools. It even has a website.

Learning maths on a tablet
Learning maths on a tablet

School Projects during 2020:

  • The school solar electricity system needs upgrading to allow for more computers, the satellite broadband and the clinic.
  • More children means more food for the mid-day meal so we wish to double the size of the school’s vegetable growing patch. The school’s bore-hole makes all this possible.
  • Many of the children are orphans. During this year, some of the children will start to use the new orphanage.

Exceptional teachers wanted.
We are always on the lookout for excellent P1 qualified teacher. If you think you have the qualities required for a modern high performing school, please see here for more information.

Teaching the younger classes
Teaching the younger classes
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