The school now has 9 classrooms.

Build a classroom – The Big Give Christmas Challenge 2017

(The above photo shows the current school with its 9 classrooms, soon to be 11).

This fundraising is for the 11th and final classroom at Osiligi Obaya Primary School. The money raised here will be combined with the amount raised in 2016 and used to build 2 classrooms in 2018. The new classroom will allow a further 25 poor and needy children to receive an education.

This Charity has been selected to receive matched funding via The Big Give. For one week only, money donated via the Big Give page will be doubled via a matched funding pot. The pot currently has £6000 allocated to this charity and requires £6000 in general donations in order to release the allocation.

Date and Time:
From 12:00 noon 28th November 2017 (Giving Tuesday) until 12:00 noon 5th December. Note – please do not donate before 12:00 on the 28th otherwise your donation will not be doubled.

Donate via the Osiligi project page on the Big Give Site.

A pot of £6000 has been allocated to Osiligi Charity Projects. To release this pot, we need you and others to donate a further £6000. For every £1 of donations, £1 will be released from the allocation. Thus your donation will be doubled £ for £ by the pot.

Donations to this charity can be made at any time between the above dates and time.

Once the £6000 pot is exhausted, you can still donate to this fundraising but your donation will not be doubled. Any additional money above the £12,000 required to build the classroom will be used for classroom equipment.

All donations must be for the building of the classroom. Unfortunately we cannot accept child sponsorship money via The Big Give.

We are trying to raise a total of £12,000 to build the next high quality classroom, ready for the next intake of 25 needy children.

During the Challenge, we ask our supporters to donate through the Big Give website with the aim of raising £6,000 and releasing matched funding to reach our target of £12,000.

Example donation:
Sally donates £50 with gift aid via the Christmas Challenge.
The charity receives £109 including the Gift Aid and money from the pledges. Note that as a comparison, if Sally’s donation was sent by cheque to the charity, we would receive £62.50 including the gift aid.

How to make sure your donation is doubled
Plan to donate on November 28th from 12:00

Donate via the Osiligi project page on the Big Give Site.

We will send out a further quick reminder to you in the morning of the 28th November.

There is a list of FAQ on the Big Give website


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