David 1945 – 2013

Roger from Osiligi was first introduced to David after David phoned to see if the Charity wanted some money for clean water projects. David supported a few water and agriculture projects and together, David and Roger worked on the idea of repairing many broken hand pumps scattered across Kenya; David would provide the finance and Roger would organise the local workers. Sadly David died before the project commenced. A charity legacy was left to Osiligi from David’s estate and this will finance the repair of about 400-600 hand pumps and for the installations of solar powered bore-holes for water and agriculture. David’s legacy will give clean water to about 200,000 – 300,000 people.

The following was written about David’s life by Theresa, the executor of his will:

David’s life was changed, converted by a growing awareness of inequality in our world.

He gave up his career, his social life and all thoughts of marriage and family life, to enable him to search for a way to help those in greatest need.

His life was uncompromising – he became a poor man himself. Everyone who knew him, in any capacity, was touched by his compassion and kindness. He wanted nothing for himself and became a channel of hope and concern for others.

When his mother became ill, he left his own rented room and moved back to care for her to the end. When she left David her house, he immediately gave it to a homeless charity and returned to his rented room.

He was a man of faith – never in institutions – but experienced in his own life a surrender and self giving which manifested itself in pouring gifts on the poor of our world.

He asked for nothing – his own life was solitary and totally focused. His only concern was to continue working towards a just world. He left no possessions and wanted only a simple fureral with no ceremony.

His goodness and his memory will live on for generations.

Through David’s money, about 200,000 – 300,000 people will have access to clean water and about 300 families will be able to grow their own food.

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